The At Home and Abroad Society aims to promote study and work abroad programmes along with all forms of international cultural exchange. Made up of students from a wide variety of countries, most of whom have worked or studied abroad, we are a support network for St Andrews students planning to go abroad as well as for visiting students spending a semester or a year studying in our university.

Travelling abroad can seem daunting at first but is ultimately a hugely exciting and rewarding experience and AHASoc wishes to help as many students as possible make the most of opportunities to do so. Our society has something to offer everyone whether you are looking for advice about life in St Andrews and opportunities to travel during the semester, have questions about degree-related or independent study or work abroad programmes or even if you just fancy meeting a smiling, multicultural bunch of people at some fun social events.

Keep an ear out for our events programme throughout the academic year and don’t hesitate to send us a message or pop along to one of our drop-in sessions if you have any questions.